Hardcore FAQ

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How strong is it?

“Strong Coffee” is featured in the Hardcore Coffee Trademark. These words are our promise to you.

We use a unique, Certified Organic blend of dark roasted, rare (difficult to find) coffee beans. Our proprietary blend is designed to maximize the caffeine while not compromising the flavor.

Most people think Espresso has the most caffeine, but brewed coffee is proven to have more. A single 2 oz. Double Espresso shot has about 80 milligrams of caffeine. Whereas an average 12 oz. brewed coffee has about 120 milligrams of caffeine. And Hardcore Coffee has even more!

Generally, darker roasts have slightly less caffeine than lighter roasts because the coffee bean is roasted longer, which typically cooks out more caffeine during the roasting process. The longer roast also gives a Dark Roast its “bold” flavor profile.

A typical 8 oz. cup of coffee usually contains approximately 95 mg of caffeine. Our Hardcore Coffee formula provides 1.5–1.6x more caffeine.

No, we only use 100% strong coffee with no extracts and no added ingredients.

Everyone has a unique palate, and the taste of coffee is a very personal experience. We suggest trying different coffees to find your favorite. Need any suggestions on brewing? Check out “Brew Like a Boss” and the “Brewing & Storing” section below.

No, but you’d be a lot cooler if you did.

Yes, but only if you want to be really “Hardcore.” Brewed coffee grounds still contain caffeine, antioxidants, and dietary fiber. According to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the organic compounds in brewed grounds help prevent cancer and diabetes, and they boost cardiovascular strength. Like we said… Hardcore!

Official Certifications

To ensure the highest trustworthy standards from crop to cup, every bag and box of Hardcore Coffee features industry-recognized seals of approval.

Yes, all Hardcore Coffee is Certified Organic, and we maintain all USDA Organic standards with our coffee beans and roasting process.

Yes, all Hardcore Coffee is verifiably Kosher according to the standards of the UO (Union Orthodox) Kosher, the world’s largest and most widely recognized Kosher standards agency.

Allergen Facts

We want to protect you from allergic reactions. And we have gone to great lengths to ensure your safety.

Our family roastery production facility is allergen-free.

Yes, all Hardcore Coffee is 100% gluten-free.

Brewing & Storing

We want you to know how to brew and store perfect cups of Hardcore Coffee. See also: Brew Like a Boss.

You need perfectly ground coffee (or freshly roasted beans to grind), clean brewing equipment, and quality water. Also, make sure you clean the coffee pot and coffee maker once a week.

Yes, you need to make sure you thoroughly clean all of your equipment before you begin. The coffee will take on the flavor of your brewer if it is not clean. So the cleaner the machine, the purer your coffee will taste.

Yes, for a pure coffee taste, use filtered or bottled water. And be sure to use cold water. DO NOT use distilled or softened water. Processed water is are more acidic than filtered or bottled water; which also contains minerals that contribute to the overall taste and flavor extraction.

Yes, you should purchase coffee as soon as possible after it is roasted. Freshly roasted coffee is essential to a superb cup of coffee. Ideally, you should select a new batch of coffee every 1-2 weeks. Rest assured that all Hardcore Coffees is roasted in small batches and “made-to-order” to keep it fresh from our door to yours.

Yes, if you are grinding whole bean coffee at home, a burr or mill grinder is preferable to use because all of the coffee is ground to a consistent size. Keep this in mind: if your coffee tastes bitter, maybe it was ground too fine. On the other hand, if your coffee tastes flat, your grind is probably too coarse. We grind all Hardcore Coffee to maintain optimal brewing consistency.

A general rule of thumb is to scoop 1 to 2 tablespoons of ground coffee for every six ounces of water. This amount can be adjusted to suit your unique tastes and preferences (less water = stronger coffee). When it comes to Hardcore Cups, smaller cups sizes brew stronger.

Your brewer should maintain a water temperature between 195º–205º Fahrenheit for optimal flavor extraction. If the water is too cold, you run the risk of under-extraction, and the coffee may end up weak or sour. And if the water is too hot, you run the risk of over-extraction, leaving the coffee bitter.

Usually, a drip or a filter-brew coffee maker with paper or plastic filters are the most common brewing option in addition to single-serve brewing machines.

For maximum freshness, using an airtight, opaque canister or glass container away from light in a cool, dry place will preserve the best taste. Do not freeze ground coffee. Always remember air, light, and moisture reduce freshness. After opening your Hardcore Coffee, tightly roll and seal the bag using the attached sticker, or transfer the coffee to an airtight container.

Yes, storage is integral to maintaining your coffee’s natural freshness and flavor profile. It is mission-critical to keep coffee away from excessive air, moisture, heat, and light—in that order—to help preserve its fresh-roast flavor for as long as possible.